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Are you looking for Custom Mugs in Toronto – Canada?
Nice! We are here to help.
Our process is simple and our Custom Mugs are the cheapest in Canada.

Why should you buy your custom coffee mug with us?

  1. Because it’s super cool to have different mugs to enjoy a nice coffee 😀 A custom mug it’s like your identity. You can use a different mug every day, on your own style or mood!
  2. Most of the companies out there, there is NOBODY to talk with you. We have! We answer our customers in MINUTES after they sent a message. And you have to use complicated systems and design your custom cup by yourself.   NOT HERE! In this case, our designers will produce to you an exclusive layout for your coffee mug, totally personalized, until you get satisfied! \ (Conditions apply*)
  3. We are a small company. Big companies do not need your money like a small company does. We care about your money either. Every single cent. That is why we put love on what we are doing here. To your complete satisfaction!
  4. SAME DAY SERVICE! Yes! Same day service! If you put your order until 2 pm and if you approve your layout before 2 pm, you can come to pick up your items! We offer late service for pickups. (until 10 pm)
  5. People want to explain and ask what they are looking for. Unfortunately, other custom mugs companies don’t offer this service.  On top of that, we offer same day service for your coffee mugs. And when we say custom mugs, it’s because it’s all personalised for you. We plan from the design to the delivery. All because we want to create to you the perfect COFFEE CUP!
  6. We ship to USA and Canada – And the Whole World! Check your shipping rates online, or you can pick up at our office in Etobicoke, including Saturday until 6 pm.
  7.  All we want is you to be very glad and happy with your Custom Coffee Mug! Price depends on how many you need. Discounts apply for custom bulk orders.
  8. Don’t know what to print? No Problem! We have a large collection! Besides, all of our mugs are custom made! That means it doesn’t exist 2 mugs exactly the same.
  9. Big collection of pictures, cartoons, photographs, vector files, all you need to make your beautiful personalized mug. And the best: We have the cheap mugs in Canada!!!  See on the graphics to compare the prices!

Christmas Custom Mugs – Hundreds of designs for Christmas Coffee Mugs. Choose one design and add your message! That is a very nice gift for your family or company gift.

Funny Coffee Mugs – Funny mugs are always a nice gift. Make fun of your friends! They will love it! We have great ideas for your mugs. Just tell us what is your idea and we will create something for you. Totally EXCLUSIVE.

Personalized Coffee Mugs with Dogs – Print your dog, cat, mouse, any pet on a mug! It’s cool and it’s a forever message for those we love most.

Mother’s day Coffee Mugs – Mother’s day is one of the most important days in our lives! Send us a picture of your mommy and we will make a beautiful design! You mom will love to share a coffee with you in a special mug!

Father’s Day Coffee MugsFather’s usually are tough and funny. Make one of those joke coffee mugs with: “Happy Farther’s Day” I meant… Father’s Day 🙂 ” He will laugh and love!

Valentine’s Day Coffee MugsDating someone special? Lots of our clients ask to be printed a special mug, with pictures, hearts, photographs, whatever image you want to print in a mug. We are creative and we will make a nice mug to celebrate your Valentine’s Day.

and the New Exclusive Collection for Canada’s 150 years Celebration with a huge collection of mugs!

All our mugs are FULL-COLOUR PRINTING!

That means you can print a full wrap area about 21.5 cm x 9.5 cm with a picture, a draw, anything you want.

If you have a great picture, sharp and crispy, that will be the result on the mug. So, when selecting the images to be printed, please, try to send the best quality ones.

The final result depends on your pictures/images/photographs. If your picture is not good, the result will not be good. We use Photoshop to do some touch up’s but sometimes it just changes a little bit light and other details. If is a very good quality and high resolution images, the result will be amazing!

All our mugs are tested and approved by all FDA organs in USA and Canada.

On top of that, all our coffee mugs are dishwasher safe.

How does it work?
You buy your coffee mug online, make the payment, and just after the checkout, there is an option so you can send your file(s) to be printed. Or you can send a message on our contact page and we will provide you an email address for you to send your files and we will make you a custom coffee mug mockup. You will see how exactly your coffee mug will looks like!

How can I make my own Custom Mug.?
To print your own Coffee Mug online, just buy as many you need and our team will be in touch with you to start your personalized design. All our Mugs are unique, which means, just YOU will have one like that.
Our designer will prepare an exclusive layout for your Custom Coffee Mug mug and they will print in a real mug and send you a picture for your approval.

What do I need to buy a Coffee Mug and make it custom?

Basically, all you need is an idea and an image. Or a logo, or a photo from a kid, a dog, whatever you want to print it is possible. Just because our printing system is full color! We will print your Coffee Mug in a full-color mug!
You can choose different colors too! Just ask our sales team!

How much will cost my Coffee Mug?
It depends on the quantity you need. We need to know what you want to print in your mug and how many mugs do you will need. After this, our sales team will make you the best deal on the market!

It’s important to say: There are companies out there offering very cheap Custom Coffee Mug. But, What is the printing process we use to make Custom Mug?

It is a full colour printing, with vivid colors and you can print a perfect photo, showing all details, like a real picture!

If your are looking for Coffee Mugs in Toronto, Canada, please, do not hesitate to call us.

Emails are answered in minutes.

We promise the best deal with same product! Compare now!

(2 First layouts changes are free. After 3rd change a charge of 25$ could be applied) *

Choose how many mugs do you need.

Place and Pay for your order.

Upload your files or send a message to with your instructions.

One of our designers will assist you through the whole process.

Prices below are for mugs with same style or layout.

For different designs, the price is $ 14.99 including design.

Turnaround is SAME DAY SERVICE for orders to put until 2 pm same day. After 2 pm, next day service.

Optionally, we can offer an address in Toronto (Dufferin and Dundas) for you to collect your items.

Clients don’t come to our office. All orders have to be done online.

EVERYTHING can be printed because our mugs are full color.




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